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Who’s the Bigger Recruiting Tool?

Jonny Flynn could be the next big recruiting name to lure young high school prospects to the tundra of Central New York.

Jonny Flynn is going to be very rich about three weeks from now when he lands with an NBA team.

Paul Harris (Fizz Prediction: Second rounder) and Eric Devendorf (Fizz Prediction:Which European team is Matt Gorman playing on this year, again?) are hoping they will become very rich if they land with an NBA team.

Thus Jonny Ice could be the next big recruiting name to lure young high school prospects out of their pleasant, temperate climate hometowns into the tundra of Central New York.

Another recruiting tool the school is going to have completed by October is the Carmelo Anthony basketball center.

The Fizz would complain about the $19 million dollar price tag, but commenter dubrow on put it best:

“No doubt great for the program, but, again, WOW that’s a huge investment for a 25 student extra-curricular. Glad I’m not a tuition paying parent.” (Thanks mom!)

The ‘Melo Center has two courts, whirlpools with treadmills built in and an SU basketball Hall of Fame. Not bad if you’re a new recruit checking out the school, huh?
So theoretically, ‘Melo doesn’t even have to visit the school anymore. He’s on the championship banners in the Dome and his grill will be omnipresent in the new building.

But even higher on this list, what about God, er, Jim Boeheim himself? Debate rages every summer about whether it’s time for him to retire. But just his mere presence at an AAU or high school game is enough to turn heads.

Not to mention he made the crucial home visit to Brandon Triche. (The Triche residence may or may not be under consideration as a National Historic Landmark now.)

Lower down on the food chain you’ve got big man extraordinaire Bernie Fine and guard magnet Mike Hopkins.

Big Bern is full of wisdom but Hop has that certain boyish and youthful appeal. His energy and honest passion for SU is what draws in the high school kids.

And the Orange is still tapping the Baltimore pipeline (Melo, Donte, C.J. Fair) into CNY as well.

The Fizz wants to know what your list is.

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