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A Bronx Tale

So Notre Dame, Army, Boston College and Rutgers are in linebefore the Orange for a date in the Bronx? Argh.

So Notre Dame, Army, Boston College and Rutgers are in linebefore the Orange for a date in the Bronx?

SU is reportedly reworking its slogan to “One of New York’s college teams, kinda.”

Dr. Doom blows the horn, buys the taxi billboards in Manhattan and touts the Big Apple as Orange Country, but gets jumped by most of the Eastern seaboard.

A regular spot at new Giants Stadium needs to be part of Syracuse’s regular rotation or else the Doomster risks losing major cred when he claims the five boroughs as his ground.

The Fizz has its doubts about the marketing effectiveness of anything Orange at this point. Check out the New York Times blog:¬†“So, if Army and the Yankees truly wanted regional teams, should the Orangemen have been given one of the scheduled games? Or do the Orangemen have a long way to go before returning to respectability?”

Oy vey.

Meantime,¬† walked through the class ’06 for Big East teams. Needless to say, the Orange didn’t fare well.

Of 22 players, only one was an ESPN Top 150 (and he didn’t make a dent).

Not surprisingly, Groobers’ class from four years ago was fairly disastrous when viewed now.

The Andrey Baskin experiment failed. The offensive line got some bodies. But your program-building quarterback (Andrew Robinson) is now a converted tight-end.


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