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Marrone’s Fightin’ Words

“I cannot fail. Failure is not an option, because this is my school. I’m gonna get it done.”

Doug Marrone.

Where to begin?

Is he the savior Orange Nation has been impatiently salivating over since the program began its downward slide almost a decade ago?

Or is he simply the next failed experiment, an unproven, slick-talking former Orange who’s in way over his head?

The Fizz is smart enough to know, in July of Year 1 A.G. (After Groobers) we honestly have no idea.

But after speaking with the Orange-in-Charge in our latest FizzCast, he sure as hell makes ya believe again.

We asked him about sorting through the rubble, picking up the pieces of the four-year shipwreck and how it felt to watch that as an alum.

“It’s a tremendous challenge. We need to get our fans back in. What you just said, was no different than myself. I understand what’s gone on on the outside. I understand how hard it was on Saturdays to wear the orange and be proud of our school.”

He has clearly made it a priority to bring fans and alumni back into the fold via his ambitious nationwide speaking tour. Why the emphasis on doing the rubber-Otto circuit?

“It’s a point of communication. A lot of times everyone assumes or speculates what happened with the program. If you a Syracuse alum or a former letterman, the access to the program is this. ‘This is why we are where we are.'”

The odds that Greg Paulus is starting under center against Minnesota come September?

“I’m not allowed by NCAA rules to even watch him throw until August. The feedback from the players has all been positive. If someone asked me right now, what separates Greg Paulus from the rest is the intangibles.”

He sure seems to make a lot of sense and it has to say something about his passion for getting this job done, that he declared this his career goal when he first entered the coaching profession.

Maybe we here at¬†The Fizz just want football back so badly, we’re willing to buy any of the snake oil. But after Thursday’s conversation, it’s painfully obvious how unqualified, out-of-touch and pollyanna Groobers was to run this program. Marrone, before even the first snap, is clearly a better fit.

One statement also struck us.

“I cannot fail. Failure is not an option, because this is my school. I’m gonna get it done.”

Now, that’s¬†Fizztastic.

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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