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An NCAA Red Flag for Marrone

New kicker? No surprise. But for a head coach to confirm the school was actively recruiting a certain player is a bit startling.

Having just one placekicker on the roster would be a big concern for any head football coach.

That burden falls upon the broad shoulders of Doug Marrone at the moment with only true freshman walk-on Ryan Lichtenstein on his roster right now.

To find out the Orange is actively looking for another kicker is no surprise. But to have a head coach confirm the school was actively recruiting a certain player is a bit startling.

Straight from Donnie Webb at the P-S last night:

“The Orange is involved in the recruitment of another kicker – Jake Smith of Cheltenham High School of Elkins Park, Pa. Smith was apparently headed to Milford Academy, but could be brought in immediately to provide some depth or challenge for kickoff and place-kicking duties. Marrone confirmed after practice that Smith is being recruited by the Orange.”

NCAA rules prohibit coaches from mentioning recruits directly by name, but the Post-Standard was able to “confirm” the Orange is going after Jake Smith specifically.

This is a significant grey area for the NCAA. Coaches cannot bring up players by name. However, if a media member asks directly about a specific athlete by name via their own research, said coach is allowed to confirm the recruitment.

If Marrone offered the name to the media first he’d be walking a tightrope, although certainly nothing major. At worst, Syracuse might get a warning from the NCAA’s compliance offices.

Evidence; Lane Kiffin found himself in hot water over this same issue just months ago. Whether Marrone and Dr. Doom find themselves fielding calls from the NCAA remains to be seen. Likely, this is the last we hear of it publicly.

As the strange gets stranger, backup-QB Ryan Nassib hasn’t made his face seen off the playing field for almost a week.

The Fizz has been stationed at practice every afternoon and after Greg Paulus was named the starter, Nassib has been too busy to speak with the media for almost a week.

So is it “too busy studying the playbook” or “too worried having to deal with questions about his situation?”

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