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From Somebody to Nobody

Yesterday at practice Cam Dantley stood at the far end of the players field. He looked, well, disinterested.

Check this progression: 1) Perennial backup 2) Two-year on and off starter who throws game-winning touchdown pass to beat Notre Dame on the road 3) Third-string quarterback.

That’s what Cameron Dantley’s time with the Orange looks like right now.

How does it effect his mindset and the way he’ll work with the quarterback unit as a whole?

Yesterday at practice he stood at the far end of the players who were watching the first team offense run through drills with his jersey rolled up so his number couldn’t even be read.

He looked, well, disinterested.

But wouldn’t you be if your job first got stolen by a redshirt sophomore and then by a guy who seemingly appeared out of Blue Devil smoke in the middle of the summer?

Heck, Charley Loeb probably has a leg up over Dantley at this point.

Is he a forgotten product of the Groobers Error or just not good enough to compete?

And conversely, one freshmen is about to go from nobody to somebody.

Walk-on kicker Ryan Lichtenstein (a name that Doug Marrone has a lot of difficulty pronouncing) is the lone placekicker on the roster.

Before Lick graduated high school, Austin Wallis was the kicker.

When Lick arrived on campus, Shane Raupers was the kicker¬†(Editor’s Note: see yesterday’s Fizz).

You’re the man now, dog.

Dantley will be buried deep on the sidelines, while Lichtenstein will be lining up for a 48-yard field goal to pull within 31 at Happy Valley.

If anyone says they called that one, they’re crazy.

Both of their jobs are tough and neither of them very enviable.

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