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Time Flies

How could you not see digital clocks in your sleep when the countdown is just staring you right in the face. So we got that goin’ for us.

The Fizz can’t seem to (cough) remember how many days are left until SU’s home opener against Minnesota.

How could you not be seeing digital clocks in your sleep when the¬†countdown is just staring you right in the face, all the time. So we got that goin’ for us.

Seriously though, just notice right below the cool graphics:¬†“PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.”Subtle.

On to the real news, Jake Smith is officially on the Hill to compete for that starting kicking job. Let¬†The Fizz make an in-depth analysis for you: that’s a good thing.

Having some semblance of depth on a squad is good. And when your head coach says he isn’t sleeping because of the kicker position, you know the team may have a problem.

So you may have been able to get there on your own. But one thing that doesn’t seem so “right out there” is a look at Minnesota. Maybe it’s a little early, but here are few offensive details on the Gophers.

They finished tied for 6th in the Big Televen last year and were very young at the time.

Their incumbent quarterback, Adam Weber, is a junior this year and started as a freshman.

Their leading rusher Deleon Eskridge is just a sophomore and started nine games last season. Not bad.

Young guys led to 23 points a game, which should go up in 2009.

It was also balanced, with 15 passing touchdowns and 20 rushing.

So it looks like coach Shafer has his work cut out.

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