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This team scored 41 points for the first time since ’06. And a halftime deficit was unacceptable for a team that hasn’t had a blowout in years?

There has been some negative atmospheric pressure surrounding the events of Saturday.¬†The Fizz believes, however, that ‘Cuse fans were only entitled to that look from Doug Marrone, for no more than seven seconds at halftime.

Syracuse wins 41-24.

Look at that stat on its own. Don’t look at the team, don’t look at a first half, don’t look at whatever the postgame talk shows pointed to. Syracuse scored 41 points on the Dome floor. They eventually blew out an opponent like they were expected to.

Against Northeastern last season nobody was hating on a 30-21 win.

This team scored 41 points for the first time since a win against Wyoming in ’06. Three years ago! And people have decided that a halftime deficit was unacceptable for a team that hasn’t held the rights to a blowout in years? (It’s interesting to note that Delone Carter scored four touchdowns in that game as well.)

Being on the sidelines for the game, I’ll readily admit things got tense. You may know this already, because¬†I tweeted Dr. Doom’s demeanor while I was next to him.

In the end this team proved it was significantly better than an FCS team and that’s not something that could be said last year against Northeastern.

Fizz Notes from the Carrier Dome:

There was a ridiculously hot girl on the sideline working as an E.M.T.(Editor’s Note: Pass out next time, Ted.)

The entire Shoppingtown Barbershop got field passes and came out repping; unfortunately,¬†Kevyn Scott didn’t take advantage of it.

Greg Paulus is a leader. We’ve talked about it on the¬†FizzCast and¬†this Fizzster will say it again: on the sidelines, Paulus takes command of the team. High-fives, talk, field demeanor – this kid knows how to grab hold of a team.

Hoops recruit Tobias Harris [See Fizz 9.24.09] was on the field for the game, along with Donte Greene. He’s coming down to his final choices for school; check¬†The Fizz for the latest updates.

Also, Fresh FizzCast continues in its Monday night slot: Check out the FizzCast Center for it later this evening.

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