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Big-time recruit Tobias Harris was on the SU campus this past weekend, and by the looks of it, he had a pretty good time.

Big-time recruit Tobias Harris was on the SU campus this past weekend, and by the looks of it (and by looks we mean Tweets), he had a pretty good time.

He was also pretty elusive. Reports placed Harris at the SU/Maine tilt, butFizzster Agent Conroy couldn’t track him down on the sidelines. In fact, we didn’t even get a good first-hand look at him.

But we know he was with the team for a good amount of the time. How? He tweeted of course! And Harris even gave some good 411 before he headed out of town.

So here was Tobias Harris Saturday night – a pretty typical student’s evening. Head to the football game, leave in the middle of the third-quarter and wait for a text about a huge party on Euclid.

Ah… the quintessential Syracuse experience.

From all indications, Harris was with @krisjo32 (Kris Joseph), @scoopjardine11 (Scoop Jardine), @w_johnson (Wes Johnson) and @23jack (Rick Jackson) during his visit. Yes, almost the entire team is on Twitter.

Welcome to college Tobias. Five hours sleep is nothing. You will get no sleep and you will like it.

From following the rest of the team on Twitter, it has become evident they all really, really like to play each other in NBA 2K9. Also the spot to play is the house of assistant coach @robmurphycuse.

Keep a close eye on the bottom of that picture though. Tobias has already connected with Jonny Flynn, who by the way starts T-Wolves training camp today.

The Melo center opened last week, Jonny is hitting up Tobias Harris on Twitter and the recruit seems to have had a heck of a weekend. That can’t be bad news.

Don’t expect to see @jimboeheim on Twitter, however, anytime soon. He’s still yet to master the typewriter. Baby steps.

Stay close to The Fizz for more updates on Tobias Harris.

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