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Wild Otto Offense

Marrone refers to it as “The Stallion.” The Fizz is stumping for “The Wild Otto.” Whatever it is, this formation helped garner some cheers on Saturday.

Those in the NFL call it “The Wildcat.” Why, you might ask?

Well, this local is going to go with the Steve Bush theory. You know, the former West Genesee coach who brought it to fruition after he left the Wildcats and went to the Dolphins. That’s where it was patented.

Everyone else tried to duplicate it and some even tried to change it’s name.

Marrone refers to it as “The Stallion.”¬†The Fizz is stumping for “The Wild Otto.” Who knows. Whatever it is, this formation helped garner some cheers and yards against Minnesota on Saturday.

Having only been allowed at the first thirty minutes of practice, the media didn’t expect it at all. There was no inclination of this happening.

But of course, there was one resonating sound bite, where Marrone said he wouldn’t use a specific offense, but he would adapt his attack to the players he had.

So the Wildcat/Stallion/Wild Otto is here as the best scenario for the players today.

If the recruiting situation continues this way, that formation might be here to stay.

Speed is the key to the offense and Marrone has gone right after it.Brendon Felder is a wideout from Pennsylvania and, yeah: 4.37 40-yard dash.

Ever check out the quarterbacks listed for the ’10 class? John Kinder’s listed at 4.6 for the dash. Miller is a tenth behind, at 4.7.

So speed is a good check. Nine stars between them doesn’t hurt either.

Then there’s the diversity in a player and SU may have found that too. Remember Dom Timbers? He was listed as an athlete over at Woodland Hills, and played wideout and running back.

In a few years, he’s the kind of guy who could run the same spot Antwon Bailey has in the formation, taking the shotgun snap.

Things look animalistic in the next few years for the ‘Cuse: we’ll let you come up with your own member of the kingdom to describe it.

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