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Armageddon Wednesday

Eliminate hyperbole. Was that the worst day in Syracuse athletics history? It ranks right up there.

Eliminate hyperbole. Was that the worst day in Syracuse athletics history? It ranks right up there.

Of course, if you got all your information for the last few ridiculous days on The Hill from¬†SU Athletics then you may not realize what’s been going on.

“Syracuse center Jim McKenzie will return to the field when the Orange play at #14/14 Pittsburgh head coach Doug Marrone announced today.”

Jim McKenzie is back for the Pitt game! It’s time to rejoice, ‘Cuse fans.

Unfortunately, things become a little somber after that.¬†Last night’s implosion against LeMoyne is the ultimate humiliation. The Dolphins may have finished off the Orange with a last-second in-traffic heave, but let’s not forget, the visitors controlled most of the second-half.¬†Yes, it’s an exhibition. Yes, the Orange barely took the cross-town whipping boy seriously. But it’s still unacceptable.

To think hoops was here to save us from the football circus. Defensive end Jared Kimmel, his two tackles for loss, and one and a half sacks, is done for the year. Kimmel was a stud who did his job, and that’s kind of depressing.

And then there’s just a little note at the end of the release. No biggie.

The Orange will also be without running back Antwon Bailey, defensive end Torrey Ball and offensive guard Andrew Tiller, who have been suspended for a violation of team rules.

Oh, yeah. About that.

Let’s run down the last few days, and try to make sense of everything.

Greg Paulus is under fire. Mike Williams is gone.

Now Antwon Bailley, Torrey Ball, and Andrew Tiller have been suspended. The Daily Orange figured out the players were involved in a car accidentwith Tiller behind the wheel. Williams was with them, too.

On the thruway. At 5:30 AM. Near Chittenango. Headed Westbound.

Now the average person may ask, “why were they near Chittenango early Sunday morning?” Luckily, my townie compass points in two directions: the Carrier Dome, and the Turningstone Casino and Resort. Just a shot in the dark here. Along with numerous other rumors.

There is damage control, and then there is just not saying anything. SU Athletics could have minimized the damage by being a little more public about things.

Will an already waning fanbase be willing to put up with this?

I had an obligatory “be happy it’s basketball season” note here for the end. Damn. This is what Armageddon feels like.

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