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Handicapping the Tobias Race

Who knows what Tobias prioritizes. But it certainly seemed like Syracuse had a few dynamics working it its favor.

As we conclude the final hours of Tobias Watch ’09 here at¬†The Fizz, it’s hard to shake the doom which yesterday’s events might have portended for Orange Nation.

It’s virtually impossible to predict what an 18-year-old with the college hoops world as his oyster may prioritize. But it certainly seemed like Syracuse had a few dynamics working it its favor.

* * * Fizz Coverage: The Fizz will be on hand at the ESPN Zone in Manhattan at 6:00p, when Tobias Harris will be making his college decision. When Tobias announces his choice, we’ll have complete analysis from the entire staff. * * *

First, SU’s proximity to Tobias’ home of Long Island made it an easy fit for him. When¬†The Fizz spoke to his head coach, the comfort of being around fellow Islanders (all of which seem to flock to Greek Row and Harry’s on a Monday night) appeared to be important for Tobias.

Secondly, The Per’fesser’s inclination to allow young players (at every position) to play important minutes and be vital cogs in the offense would appear to appease any Top-10 recruit who wants to ball immediately.

Thirdly, the 2010 class is already stacked with Fab Melo, CJ Fair and Dion Waiters. Add in Baye Moussa Kieta and Tobias had the possibility of joining a modern-day Fab Five Рand one of the greatest recruiting classes in school history.

Finally, Mike Hopkins is on a roll. With the aforementioned names, Hop and assistant coach Rob Murphy have owned the recruiting battles recently.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s events did not smile upon the bald palate of Jim Boeheim.

Insiders suggested there was no way Tobias and Jayvaughn Pinkston would end up at the same school – each wanting to be the Alpha Dawg. Pinkston was expected to sign yesterday with Tennessee, essentially knocking the Vols out of the Tobias Stakes – and leaving SU as a favorite.

However, the dominos fell (in the wrong direction) and Pinkston delayed his decision, Tobias made an 11th hour visit to Knoxville, his father declared the decision had been made last night and… well, you connect the dots.

You can’t spell Tobias without a big, block “T.”

Unfortunately, Harris may be donning the wrong shade of orange later this evening.

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