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Mike’s NFL Future

Mike Williams’ Syracuse career is over. Now it’s time to look at the effect this has on Mike Williams’ pro career.

The Fizz has covered you on the effect of Williams’ departure for the team, and the mood of the press conference. Now it’s time to look at the effect this has on Mike Williams’ career.

Simply put, things are bad for Mike at this point. This is a guy who left school for reported academic reasons, was suspended already for one game, and had a nice Facebook update chronicling his desire not to stick around.

This is also an interesting diversion from his earlier statements that he would come back for his final season of eligibility.

Isn’t it all about the Benjamins, though?

Williams is the seventh leading receiver in the country, and had serious NFL draft stock coming into the season. In terms of the Big East, he might even be seen with more potential then Mardy Gilyard at the next level because of his strength and leaping ability.

So he could have slipped into the first round as a wideout. That’s gone. He would have been a near-guaranteed first-day pick. That’s gone too.

But his career is not dead in the water.

Remember LeGarrette Blount from Oregon?

He got suspended for the rest of the year for that, throwing his stock into question. Speaking to Joe Schad from ESPN about that earlier in the season, his words rang true.

“All you have to do is look at Michael Vick, and understand that you can electrocute dogs, drown dogs, choke dogs, fight dogs. And If you have the kind of physical ability that’s required to play in the NFL, there’s gonna be a spot for you.” Joe Schad, also proud SPCA benefactor.

So he may have just lost a million bucks, but he’s not done. HINT HINT.-0 LMAO.

Keep it locked with The Fizz for our continued coverage of the departure of Mike Williams and the state of Syracuse football.

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