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The Vols hauled in the Top-10 recruit after Tobias’ last-minute visit to Knoxville. Team Fizz weighs in.

The Fizz was on hand this evening at the ESPN Zone in Manhattan as Tobias Harris chose Tennessee.

As we predicted earlier, the Volunteers hauled in the Top-10 recruit after the sudden misdirection by JayVaughn Pinkston yesterday and Tobias’ last-minute visit to Knoxville.

Team Fizz weighs in.

Conroy’s Take:¬†“Tobias Harris would have made an excellent class a superhuman class. ‘Cuse fans can still look forward to a great Fab 4, and Josh Selby is still on the board. It’s some wind out of the sails for fans who saw so much of him through Twitter and his transparency in the process, but at the end of the day, Syracuse still has a top-5 class coming in for 2010.”

Couzens Take:¬†“Maybe the least surprising thing I’ve heard all day. After the extra visit to UT on the way back from Georgia Tech, it was pretty much a giveaway. If anything, give the kid credit. He kept us captivated all along and jacked up his Twitter following. And oh yeah, thanks for nothing JayVaughn Pinkston!”

D.A.’s Take:¬†“The midnight run to Knoxville was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A quick jaunt to central Tennessee is usually for a family-visit to a correctional facility. I was hoping my hunch was wrong earlier in the day, but the dots connected too easily. Pinkston opts out at the 11th hour. Tobias CHOOSES to look at Bruce Pearl’s disgusting beer gut in person. His dad says the decision was made shortly after that. The first time a hairy stomach made a great closer. Game over.”

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