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Is Marrone Actually Winning Florida?

1) How good are these guys? 2) Is Marrone actually winning Florida?

With the three recent commits from the Sunshine State, Orange Nation asks two questions: 1) How good are these guys? 2) Is Marrone actually winning Florida?

The Fizz has beendocumenting the recent Sunshine Surge and honestly could not be more giddy.

But we went¬†to the source for¬†the FizzCast. Larry Blustein has been scouring the prep fields of SoFla for decades. He currently writes for the Miami Herald and¬†details the overwhelming talent coming out of the region at his website. He’s been all over the Marrone marauding around the state.

What’s the impact of Max Bealieu?

“He’s just a quality football player. To me, he’s a big time-type of talent. This is where you start building your defense around. This is a guy you look at, a couple of years from now, this is where it all began, when we started with a player like that.”

Is SU finally locking in on South Florida?

“I had a long talk with Syracuse alumnus Terry Richardson the other day. He said the one thing that really surprised him is that they stopped recruiting South Florida. When he saw they got Bryce Hawes, then they looked at Max, went down to Carol City and got Gareef Glashen – that was one of those things that he nodded his head.”

How’s Marrone looked at along the recruiting trail?

“You have very educated coaches in South Florida. They know where these guys come from. (With Marrone) you have the NFL tie, a reputation as an innovator. Kids remember that. They know what the path of success is. He knows what it takes to get from A to Z the quickest way.”

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