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CNY: Home of the FLA State Track Meets

Speedy defensive back Gareef Glashen is the newest South Florida product to commit to the Orange in the last three weeks.

Time for Orange Nation to become familiar with Google Maps: Florida.

Marrone’s Marauders should reference the job done on the recruiting trail in the Sunshine State rather than on the football field these days.

Speedy defensive back Gareef Glashen is the newest South Florida product to commit to the Orange in the last three weeks.

The Fizz once upon a time lamented the incompetence of the previous regime in Florida, but it’s nice to say¬†we’ve already schooled you on the other SU commits from the FLA last month,¬†Max Beaulieu and Brice Hawkes. Looks like Marrone and the Orange are serious players in SEC/ACC country already.

The 5’11”, 182-pound burner from Carol City High was not a recruiting win the likes of top-prospect biggun’ Beaulieu, but collecting speed and athleticism (which SoFla kids have in abundance) is smart football.

Glashen has chosen SU over Colorado State and Utah State. These are the battles Syracuse should win and finally is on a regular basis. Glashen beamed at the chance to play in a BCS conference.

“This is a huge opportunity for me. There was so much to like about this program and the coaches. I love the direction they are headed in.”

He’s one of the fastest players in South Florida (which is like identifying the most expensive Maybach at the Source Awards) and just a glance at his YouTube highlights should get¬†Fizz Nation giddy.¬†We suggest you fast-forward to the 2:05 mark and watch him run-down a running back after spotting him 20 yards.

You can also check out his personal workout and feel the freaking wind blow in your face when he runs the 40.

While you can argue the Dome is no longer the recruiting tool it once was, selling the fast track and controlled conditions in the brutal Northeast should be a no-brainer.

This is not nuero-science. Kids, we know it’s cold on the Quad, but play your games indoors and let’s take advantage of your speed.

The Sunshine Pipeline is back up and running to the Carrier Dome.

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