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Marrone Adds Another

Now multiple-position do-it-all Akron-product Tyson Gulley (pictured) has been signed, and he’s even more intriguing.

There were a lot of things that kept the Orange in the loss column in ’09. Mike Williams’ loss was one of the biggest, a new system meant a lot of learning, and injuries at every defensive position certainly didn’t help.

However, after a week on the Marrone post-mortem recruiting trail, he seems to understand what his biggest problem was: lack of athletes.

The coaching staff tried it’s best to put the team in a position to win, including the Stallion Spread, playing two quarterbacks and three running backs, different trips formations, increased looks from the H-back (or as Marrone called it U-tight end position) and more or less pulling plays out of a magic hat in an attempt to be halfway competitive.

It turned three wins in ’08 into four, and that’s not awful. But the team was clearly lacking on the athletic side of things. The Orange just didn’t stack up talent-wise with other squads.

So when you look at some of the recruits Marrone has picked up this week, he seems to have a model.¬†“If you’ve got the tools, we’ve got the tool box.” None of his recruits seem to just be filling a roster spot.

Max Beaulieu is the clear-cut stud of Marrone’s class so far. There’s no doubt about it.

The rest of the week’s signings read “ATH” (for “athlete”) on the charts:The Fizz told you about Gareef Glashen, the defensive back from Florida, who burns it up with a ridiculous 40-yard dash time.

Now multiple-position do-it-all¬†Akron-product Tyson Gulley (pictured) has been signed, and he’s even more intriguing.

Garfield High School head coach Bob Sax had huge praise for him.

“Best all-around football player I’ve ever coached.” It needs to be noted that Beanie Wells went to this high school. Wow.

Get excited: speed + turf + athletes + unnamed offensive coordinator MAY = a return to offensive glory. Holler.

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