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Larger than Life

The Orange proved how larger than life this season has felt, with the dominating 73-56 win over Georgetown.

Let’s say it: This SU Basketball team is for real, that the Top-5 ranking and national hype is deserved.

With oversized cutouts of The Per’fesser and Wes Johnson rolling through the crowd, the Orange proved how larger than life this season has felt, with the dominating 73-56 win over Georgetown. The fans are taking it to the next level as well; the 26,000 plus who rocked the Dome actually made it feel like the Loud House for the first time this season.

Speaking of oversized, how about the arrogance of Georgetown’s fans? Hopefully last night’s demolition brings¬†delusional Hoya Fans back to reality.¬†“You’re welcome for the 14-0 lead. We’re about to start playing now. Let’s chat when we’re up by 20 in a few minutes? Thanks.”

And let the national pundits begin poking and prodding Syracuse like a prospect at the NFL scouting combine.¬†Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports makes comparisons to Kentucky and their quick return to prominence.¬†ESPN’s Andy Katz says SU is one of just a handful of teams in title contention, calling the win “unselfish.”

As you’ll hear on the latest FizzCast,¬†Team Fizz breaks down why it’s important for this Orange squad to stay grounded – even if giant renditions of their visage are floating around the student section.

When things are going poorly, no player will ever admit to hearing what the crowd has to say. But when they’re going well?

The Fizz caught up with Kris Joseph, who says he wants his dome floating around the Dome:

“I asked Wes, ‘When are our fans gonna give us a few cutouts? Next thing ya know we see Boeheim up there and I’m going, ‘There go Boehiem with the cardboard cutout, man!'”

There’s always the standard talk of trying to stay focused and worrying only about the next opponent. But there’s also a lighthearted nature in the locker room as well.

Championship teams have that vibe for one reason: They have confidence they’re better than everyone else.

Why wouldn’t this Orange team feel good right now? How many other teams¬†can boast seven starters? More from Joseph:

“I feel like Scoop can start. I feel like I can start. As it is now we’re coming off the bench and just trying to help our team.”

Even the usually caustic Boeheim couldn’t help but joke around after the win last night.

The only thing that can derail this team right now is something from within.

I’m ready to declare¬†the Pitt loss a fluke.

DePaul is four days away which can seem like an eternity, but as Jay-Z says,¬†“On To the Next One”.

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