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The Coal Mine Rescue

I’ve never been inside a coal mine. But, that’s also how every Syracuse trip to Morgantown feels.

I’ve never been inside a coal mine. But I don’t imagine I would enjoy it very much. I would imagine I’d be clawing at the walls to get the hell out of there. I’d be turning frantic and gasping for air amongst the black-sooted mountain folk.

Well, that’s also how every Syracuse trip to Morgantown feels.

I mean, of course this guy pictured goes to West Virginia. And of coursehe’s front and center in the student section. And of course ESPN features him during a cutaway shot.

He’s bearded and burly, gross, borderline psychotic. And wearing a leather bracelet. Encapsulating WVU perfectly.

A win is a win is a win, and adding another Top-10 victory to the resume is never something to sneeze at. But this probably should’ve been a lot easier.

The 72-71 Orange victory was highlighted by some tremendous personal efforts (thank you Brandon Triche), but many more brain locks.

Andy Rautins sliding mindlessly into the knee caps of a Mountaineer player for a loose ball he had about a 4% chance of grabbing, which ended in his fifth foul?

Wes Johnson attempting a pass under his own basket instead of just holding onto the ball and waiting to be fouled?

Scoop Jardine’s inane foul on a three-point attempt with just seconds left to play?

The Mountaineers shot out of their minds in the final minutes while carving away at the double-digit deficit. Which is the sort of coal smoke-induced light-headedness that happens when you spend time in Morgantown.

The Orange made it out alive, but with The Per’fesser’s and Orange Nation’s sanity in tatters.

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