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Harriot Returns to the Valley of the Suns.

Roger Harriott’s Syracuse tenure took less time than hooking up a JUGS machine behind Manley.

Roger Harriott’s Syracuse tenure took less time than hooking up a JUGS machine behind Manley.

So the questions now are:

Where does this leave Syracuse coaching-wise at the running backs position?

AND How does this affect a Florida pipeline for the Orange who are trying to reconnect to the Sunshine State?

The Fizz spoke to him last night, after making his decision to return as head football coach and A.D. of the University School Suns. Listen to the FizzCast with Roger Harriott.

As for coaching, nothing doing yet from our friends over at¬† At this point, it’s pretty late in the game to be making any big time splashes with new hires because most coaches are locked up preparing for their spring games.

Maybe there’s the possibility Marrone is able to snatch an old friend away from New Orleans now that their season is officially over. It’s just a¬†Fizzy guess, but relationships are the deepest ties and the best selling points.

As for what’s left? There’s still Max Beaulieu and Brice Hawkes who Harriott coached in high school and are left on their own now to start college without the man who brought them through their early playing days.

Harriott says he talked to them before leaving though:

“They understand. I coached them in high school and we always talk about faith and family and things of that nature. They understand that when you’re making decisions you know, you wanna take yourself out of the equation and put your family first.”

One thing that Harriott did not do is leave on bad terms. He got out early and had a mutual understanding from both the SU coaching staff and his former players.

This leaves him as a piece of the equation for as Syracuse continues to look for more players in Florida.

Harriott might not be working at Syracuse anymore, but it doesn’t mean he still can’t be helpful when it comes to finding the best out of Florida for the future.

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