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For the Orange, two signees intended to replace Art Jones and Jared Kimmel mean good news for the ‘Cuse.

The big one is coming Wednesday.

It’s¬†The Fizz’s favorite day of the year – college football’s National Signing Day, of course. Unless your name is David Oku, that means you’re gonna announce your college plans.

For the Orange, two signees intended to replace Art Jones and Jared Kimmel mean good for the ‘Cuse.¬†The Fizz has your back on both of them.

Back in September, we took a look at Robert Welsh (pictured), an unproven defensive lineman who committed to Doug Marrone.

Today he’s a three-star defensive tackle, who weighs 260 pounds and looks great on paper for SU. From¬†The Fizz archives and Mike Couzens:

“His high school coach, Rich Reichert, has¬†nothing but praise for the senior who added 15 pounds of muscle in the offseason after being asked to move from defensive end to defensive tackle.

‘He’s a grinder,’ Reichert said of his Syracuse-bound senior. ‘Nobody works harder and he’s tenacious. He just has a motor that doesn’t stop.'”

The other piece of the DL puzzle has been documented extensively, and is considered by most to be Marrone’s gem of 2010.¬†Max Beaulieu is the “real deal,” according to our man Larry Blustein.

One thing the Orange could pride itself on last year was run defense. While the secondary was a revolving door of inepitude, the D-Line kept teams in check on the ground.

Without Kimmel or Jones on that line, it becomes a lot more difficult to ensure a repeat performance in that regard. Welsh and Beaulieu should give Orange Nation some hope for the future.

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