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The Hoya Dome-Brawl Revisited.

Georgetown fans think we forgot about them playing the “wants to fight guy” card… well, we didn’t.

This is it.

Orange Nation’s time to prove that there’s¬†more to college than popped collars and getting internships to (ahem) assist politicians on Capitol Hill.

It’s about waking up late on Saturday afternoon not knowing where you are and then using your built in GPS to take you to Cosmos to ease the pain of whatever concoctions you drank last night.

And as¬†the Fizz noted in a now well-circulated post, it’s also about beating the crap out of everything Georgetown.

I once killed time by jumping into a campus tour just so I could ask anti-G’Town questions that would get the crowd going. The look on the face of the tour guide when I told her I went to Syracuse? Priceless.

And Georgetown fans – if you think we forgot about you¬†playing the “wants to fight guy” card at the Dome last year… well, we didn’t.

“I actually saw it,” SU’s associate athletic director Pat Campbell said.“There was some stuff going on. The Georgetown kids were so totally out-numbered and some of our finest decided to pelt them with plastic bottles.”

Sarcastic or not, those were probably some of Syracuse’s drunkest too. But SU fans travel like none other and Hoyas beware, there will be an influx of Orange tonight at the Verizon Center.

Last time out against this Hoya squad was enjoyable, wasn’t it?

Even worse for¬†all the President’s men, they’re catching this SU team at exactly the wrong time.

Coming off of a home loss to an inferior team means Syracuse should have ample motivation for tonight’s latest installment of the Big East’s best rivalry.

So get up, get rowdy, and¬†LET’S GO ORANGE.

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