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To Lose or Not to Lose

Saturday’s¬†loss to Louisville has led to plenty of debate going into the Big East Tournament and where the Orange could end up playing in the NCAA’s.

All of these predictions are based on different models of“If we beat Georgetown” or¬†“If we beat Georgetown but then lose to Villanova” or¬†“If we lose to DePaul.”


Ok, no one has even thought of that last one, but hey, it was a close game earlier this season in Chicago.

Amid the flood of sports radio, blog and newspaper opinions makes it hard to figure out:

What is the best case scenario for Syracuse in the Big East Tournament?

A tournament championship is obviously the most desirable thing, but what’s best for SU may be a different story.

You’ve got a nicked up Wes Johnson who says he’s¬†starting to feel his hand get better, on a team that doesn’t need to win the BET to likely earn a one-seed.

One¬†“best case” scenario heard yesterday was a win over Georgetown to start things off (always a great way to begin any weekend) and then a“Cleveland State type loss” to Villanova in a game that goes back and forth, but the Wildcats winning at the buzzer.

Under that scenario Orange fans can say,¬†“At least the team didn’t get outplayed.”

But do you want to win out at all costs and risk fatigue to start of the NCAA tournament? Or go easy in the Big East Tournament to insure firing on all (healthy and well rested) cylinders for the NCAA tournament?

It’s all about mentality, but it’s a healthy debate to have. Keep in mind, last year the team had to play four days in a row and advanced to the Sweet 16. Is that the best thing to do before the madness begins?

Let us know what you think on Twitter¬†@orangefizz. We’ll be looking out for your responses and D.A. will be tweeting from the Garden when the Orange arrives in Manhattan

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