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The Quarterback Question

A nice article by Nolan Weidner details the ‘Cuse’s new¬†quarterbacks coach, Nathaniel Hackett and his rise up the ranks.

With spring ball is in full swing and the newbies on Doug Marrone’s staff getting the once over, the biggest Orange question remains looming over the season: what the hell is the quarterback deal for 2010?

Gone is¬†Greg Paulus¬†to the NFL draft (maybe). The two current scholarship quarterbacks on the field? Ryan Nassib and Charley Loeb. Nassib’s the incumbent right now, but The Fizz is hearing Loeb throws a pretty good ball too, and spring practice has been extremely competitive.

We have detailed new additions Jonny Miller and John Kinder. At least one of them should make a challenge for reps as the backup.

It’s clear the starter (whoever that may be) has his work cut out for him, simply because of all the moving parts.

Ryan Bartholemew has to adjust to playing center, the biggest target on the field, Mike Williams, bounced, and Mike Jones unexpectedly left the team.

That leaves Van Chew, Alec Lemon, and Marcus Sales as your primary wideouts. Add a tight end coming back from injury (Nick Provo) and things are even more tenuous.

The quarterback battle is always the headliner, but some other pieces of the puzzle could render that less important in the immediate future.

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