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FizzCast: Should We Care About Women’s Lax?

Conroy rips the idea we should jump on board the only lax team still playing.

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Posted: Ted Conroy

I’ve somewhat recovered since the last week’s emotional breakdown following the men’s lacrosse team’s unexpected departure in round one of the NCAA tournament.

In fact, I’d say I’ve turned this whole thing around following some group therapy and yoga. Plus, the women’s team will advance to next weekend’s Final Four, so there’s reason to watch, right? Wrong. I don’t have any interest.

A fresh FizzCast discussed.

There are a couple of reasons for this ambivalence. First, my attachment to the men’s team. I spent two years covering them and a year calling their games. That’s my lax squad.

The second is because I can actually follow men’s lacrosse. While Couzens tells me I should be watching women’s lax because it’s a successful SU sport, it’s a watered-down version of the game.

Me: “Couzens, you’ve called women’s lacrosse before. What percentage of referee’s calls did you actually know what they were calling?”
DA: (hearty New England chuckle)
Couzens: “Uhhhh.”
Me: “You didn’t know half of them.”

Couzens: “Half is a generous number.”

It’s not like I haven’t attempted to enjoy women’s lacrosse. I covered the team all of last season. It’s just tough to understand. The rules are too ridiculous, the running clock is absurd and until a few years ago, out of bounds was more of a suggestion than an actual rule. I’m supposed to watch this sport in my free time?

I have all the respect in the world for the women’s lacrosse team. They have worked hard and are reaping the benefits of their labor. However, so do all the other revenue and nonrev sports on campus. Do you expect me to watch the field hockey team? Or the track and field championships? You know the answer to that question.

Yes, I’ll be glad if Gary Gait’s squad wins next weekend. However, it’s not going to knock me back a stage on the grief process. You know, because that other lax team that SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FINALS @!#%! (sorry, I’m on stage two: anger).

I end with a “good luck” to the women’s team; this is not an indictment of you, just of my interest in the sport itself. Enjoy the FizzCast, and please tell me how I’m wrong in the comments section. I want to believe in something.

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