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Syracuse Midwest: Minnesota

Posted: Ted Conroy

Shortly after the NBA draft lottery wrapped up, The Fizz received a text from an NBA employee: “Cuse of the Midwest – Wolves gonna draft Wes Johnson.”

Could Wes Johnson end up in the same uniform as Jonny Ice a.k.a. Jonny Flynn?

Right now, Wes has been projected as a top-five talent in this years draft. The teams at the top of the lottery board create some interesting scenarios for Wes. Let Team Fizz break it down for you.

In theory, if you’re a top-five talent, you will go top-five in the draft, unless you have character flaws or some egregious past problem. Aside from the transfer carousel (well-documented) that’s not Johnson. He’s a good kid, team player, everyone loves him.

However, the top two spots, occupied by both Washington and Philadelphia, would seem unlikely landing place Wes. John Wall will likely go first to the Wizards and Evan Turner to the Sixers at #2.

The next two slots make things much more interesting.

Consider New Jersey at number three. Let’s imagine Wes goes to Newark, the Nets make a legit pitch to Lebron James (via another Wes)¬†and land coach John Calipari, can you imagine the crazy DDM possibilities?

Lebron and Devin Harris zoom down the lane interchangeably to find an open Wes Johnson on the wing for three!

The possibilities for Wes are enormous if he can transition into more of a shooting guard role. Not to mention the fact that Calipari leaving would open up a Brandon Knight door for the Orange again. (No, we know we can’t let go. We’re working on getting help.)

And if the text is correct? Wes to number four at Minnesota. It’s the Jonny Flynn-Wes Johnson combo SU fans only dreamed they could have had between the two stars’ stints in Orange. Sure they most likely wouldn’t win too many games, but hell, it’d be fun to watch.

The next month will be fun; Wes could end up on a contender, he could end up on another lottery team. We only hope he doesn’t end up in the next Donte Greene free-fall.

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