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We’re #99! We’re #99!

Posted: D.A.

The Sporting News is counting down the Top-100 football programs for 2010 and if you were crossing your fingers, hoping beyond hope the Orange was on the list… you will be rewarded.

Of course, to put in perspective exactly how far down that list Syracuse resides, understand: SN is unveiling one per day, starting at 100, and we’re approximately 100 days away from football season.

Dave Curtis plunks the Orange down in the #99 spot. Projected to finish: (3-8, 0-7 in the gory Big East). That’s a game worse than last year. Before you get your Otto panties in a bunch for perceived disrespect know this: DC is a an SU alum (’01) and came out of the womb critiquing Dan Devine’s quarterback decisions. I’ve known Curtis since our freshman year at Newhouse together and his college football prowess is borderline clinical. As in clinically insane.

Along with New York Times college sports writer Pete Thamel (’99) and University of Vermont broadcaster Chris Wojcik (’01), the three of them would break down the ESPN Thursday night East Carolina-Marshall tilt like Bill Belichick on Tampa Two game film. Lights off, alone, in a room with a tattered futon and flickering TV. Ah college. In fact, I think they still have ECU’s offensive mastermind Steve Logan’s first 25 plays memorized.

So, long story longer, I trust him. And if DC tells me the Orange is #99 – I know it’s another rough season on the Hill.

“SU still looks a recruiting class away from having top talent throughout its lineup. But this group showed last year it will play hard every game. If Nassib keeps turnovers low, and defensive stars such as Derrell Smith keep improving, then Cuse could snag a couple of conference victories.”

The following Dr. Gross quote is disturbing at best. Darryl, always putting on the deliriously appreciative face.

“Here’s what athletic director Daryl Gross said in an April interview: ‘We are elated and doing back flips over Doug Marrone. This is like an eight-dollar stock that in a couple years is going to go to 46 or 47 dollars.’ It looks as though Marrone has at least this season and next to make the Orange a Big East contender.”

The King of the Back-handed Compliment: Darryl Gross everyone! “This is like an eight-dollar stock?” Jeez. What has SU become, the football coaches’ Make-a-Wish program? “We scraped the very bottom of the barrel! We were desperate! Seven other coaches turned us down! And now just look at Dougy!” I had started thinking Gross turned the corner on PR missteps, now this. I love me some Doug Marrone, but doing backflips in the athletic department should be reserved for five-win seasons or recruiting classes in the Top-75. Oy. The level of expectations around there is inspriational, huh?

Best news of the preview: “Coach Doug Marrone says he likes his offensive line, and SU might have its best set of skill players since coach Paul Pasqualoni’s tenure. Watch Aaron Weaver, who transferred from Hofstra when the I-AA school dropped its program, as an immediate impact receiver.”

Interesting how a California guy with dreams of a slick aerial attack failed to materialize even a mediocre offense or a handful of skill players. Thanks Greg. Then again, they’re probably not doing backflips in Ann Arbor right now.

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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