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21 in the 315

Ladies and gentlemen, today marks the end of an era. I’m 21 this fine day. Should I even worry about the end of the world in 2012 at this point? No.

Couzens is less than 15 days behind, and then all Fizz-hell breaks loose. He happens to be on AAA All-Star break from the Syracuse Chiefs and is coming here to Cape Cod to visit. We’ll see if he makes it to the second half of the season.

It’s interesting to think that I won’t even be present on the day I can finally legally enter bars I’ve been sneaking into since I was 19.

It’s ironic the first summer I’ve been away from S-town I won’t be able to celebrate at my old spots (yeah I know we don’t call it S-town, but I grew up there, so screw you).

Not to worry, I’ll have my fun this weekend with Massholes and Vacationing 4th of Julyers. But now I’m really interested in exploring the bar scene once I get back to the ‘Cuse. Flip night at Faegan’s? Check. $3.75 pitchers at Chuck’s? Holler.

And as for downtown? Come on, like that’s a question. I’m a townie; it’s my natural domain.

So, I pose to Fizz-Nation: where should I first christen my newly legal ID? Do I beckon the doors of Hungry Charlie’s? Patronize the classic Dellas establishment that is Faegan’s? Do I go downtown and get whatever beer I want from Blue Tusk?

Let me know. The clock ticks.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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