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FizzCast: Crouthamel Silence Please

Team Fizz discusses the Big East future and Crouthamel’s sudden chattiness.

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The Fizz joins forces to discuss the Big East future in the middle of all the realignment talks. Conference realignment keeps teetering on the verge of major shakeup. Ex-AD Jake Crouthamel¬†has all of a sudden become Kirk Herbstreit. Ted Conroy talks about Jake’s change in demeanor.

“It seems like he’s changed his tone a little bit. This is a guy who became very, very jaded when Syracuse was bombed out of the ACC expansion.

Everybody can have their theories about how the NCAA is coming to and end. There’s only a few people that really know how this is gonna end.”

Meantime, D.A. fumes about Jake Crouthamel finally having something to say – but not to him.

“Crouthamel totally burns me up. When I was there, he wouldn’t talk to anyone. Now, he’s the go-to mouthpiece on Big East expansion. For 30 years he wouldn’t say a word, now he won’t shut up. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s sitting in a retirement home somewhere.

You know what Jake, you got a nice, fat check from that school for a long time. All it is is doom and gloom. I’m sick of it.”

We’ll also let you know why losing scholarships won’t hurt SU basketball and whether Man vs. Food chose the right places to eat in Syracuse.

Listen to a Fresh FizzCast:

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