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The Contessa Brewer Dilemma

Posted: D.A.

Ask any Orange. Upon graduation, Syracuse will send you enough mail to single-handedly keep the nearly-bankrupt postal service in business for another century. I do my checking and baking online. I receive e-cards on most holidays. I haven’t sent a letter since the mid-90s. Yet, every few weeks SU bombards me with brochures, newsletters, quarterly magazine and Otto stool samples. The hope by the university is to wear you down, make you admit how much you love being an Orange and donate your ass off.

Have to admit, the method is working. Every time another color glossy of an exchange student sitting in the quad doing algebraic equations comes across my desk, I shed a tear. Why can’t I be hungover and passed out after Flip Night at Faegan’s right where Shaheed is doing Tuesday’s take-home exam? Hell, I spend half my waking hours running a Syracuse blog dedicated to finding out what 18-year-old’s think of Doug Marrone’s offense.

As a Newhouse School alum (’01), add “Newhouse Network” to the list of literature I get. This month (quarter? week? day?), NN profiled 25 recent grads to watch. The first on the list? Broadcast Journalism major (’96) Contessa Brewer, anchor, host and hottie at MSNBC.

She graduated a year and a half before the D.A. era began on campus. Too bad. I would’ve loved to brush by her near the NCC-News studios and smell her strawberry bliss body spray. Assuming I wasn’t terrified in the the stairwell because a senior chick actually was within 45 feet of me.

Either way, good time for Syracuse University. 1996 Final Four and total smoke show Contessa Brewer is roaming your hallways. The Cuse really is in the house, oh my God, oh my God. However, one part of her profile stood out as borderline weirdo. Each subject was asked of his/her favorite memory of Newhouse. Here’s Contessa’s:

“I loved covering real news as a student. Once, a body was found in a neighborhood not far from my house and I went out and joined the professional news crews covering the story.”

Look, there’s a reason Tess (if I may call you that) is on MSNBC discussing the BP oil leak and I’m on cable access in a top hat breaking down the Sox long relief. She’s really good and really dedicated. But isn’t that a little sketchy? That’s your favorite memory of Newhouse? How into news do you have to be when you’re fired up some dead guy from Cicero washed up next door? And where the hell was Tess living? I mean, I lived freshman year in the Brewster/Boland dorms and even I didn’t see a dead dude.

Tell me if I’m wrong in the comments section below. Does it make Contessa Brewer hotter because she’s chasing down crime stories as an undergrad or a little creepy she’s excitedly eschewing happy hour at 44’s to go see a rotting carcass?

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