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What does the Pac-10 mean to SU?

Posted: Ted Conroy

I, Conroy, am still alive. Though doubtful you noticed, I’ve been sporadic in the last couple weeks as my move to Cape Cod has been forged without IP addresses. Since when is the internet not a necessity like hot water and electricity at rental properties?

Conference expansion talk is once again king, though not all centered around the Big 10. New York Times star college sports reporter/crusher of dishonest souls/friend of the Fizz Pete Thamel has been postulation about the possibilities involving the Pac-10, which kickstarted expansion talk this week.

The most significant news came from the Pac-10 meetings, where presidents voted to give the first-year commissioner Larry Scott authority to move ahead with expansion. With the Pac-10 seriously considering a move to 16 teams, the conference essentially gave Scott permission to hand out invitations to potential new members without consulting its university presidents.

The Pac-10 could pickpocket the Big 12, and maybe some schools the Big 10 was targeting, including Mizzou.¬†Nowhere, however, is SU’s name mentioned, and the Big East seems sheltered. Although most believe this is predicated on the Big 10 inviting Notre Dame to the conference only.
So some in Orange Nation might think this is a good thing. The Big East stays intact, no road trips to Nowhere, Iowa, and Syracuse still gets to whoop Rutgers’ ass every year.
This Fizzster would disagree. As much as most Central New Yorkers tend to resist it, change is a good thing. It would signify the ‘Cuse moving forward.
The Big East seems either stagnant or in decline. That’s not good for wallets or TV exposure.¬†What is an Orange fan to do? Sit and wait. And trust the good Doctor Daryl Gross. As tough as that sounds, he is a progressive thinker, and it will take a little faith (and time) to embrace it.
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