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FizzCast: Delone’s Media Dash

The SU-Rutgers identity swap and whether Delone should’ve opened up.

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As football inches closer, the FizzFirst crew discussed how Rutgers had created a model for recruiting and whether Delone Carter would’ve been better served being less protective with the media.

Ted Conroy on his chat with Greg Schiano and the Rutgers recruiting mold:

“Look at it as a business model. They’ve been successful in turning an irrelevant program into something that’s contending for a bowl birth every year. Yes they haven’t made that leap to national contender status, but when you look at it as a business plan, you start at that regional level and you reach contender status Рthen you impose your brand on a national level. Then they can say people will want to come to Rutgers, and we don’t have to come to them.”

And on the addition of N.C. State to the 2010-2011 basketball schedule:

“This is part of the brand of Syracuse basketball. The schedule in the pre-Big East season is getting very intimidating. Up until four years ago, a lot of people looked at the non-conference schedule and said ‘That’s why you’re not getting in.’ When you look at the historic nature of N.C. State, it’s a big get on the schedule.”

It‚Äôs a much bigger challenge than the annual Albany’s and Maine’s of the world to add to the pre-Big East slate. Plus, we‚Äôre definitely already looking forward to a weekend in Atlantic City. BTL – Basketball, Tanning, Laundry.

D.A. chimed on the comments that Jim Boeheim had about Isaiah Thomas signing on with the Knicks as a consultant – if even for a few days:

“At the risk of sounding like a Boeheim fanboy, I thought this was absolutely right on. Look at Coach K and what a wuss he was, and so stepping on toes like Isaiah Thomas and getting controversial isn’t what he does. Boeheim called it like he saw it and he’s absolutely correct. You can’t open up the door for college coaches to be employed by the N.B.A because look at how it impacts recruiting. You could go into a high school and say ‘I can help you get drafted, I’m employed by the Knicks.’ You can’t do that.”

On whether or not Delone Carter should have been more open with the media:

“You often times don’t trust a kid who is an undergrad in his early 20’s to be able to handle the media. I understand why Syracuse was hyper-protective about this, but the more honest you are and the more ability you give people to ask a few questions, even if you turn them away and say ‘I really can’t answer that’ it makes you look a lot better.”

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