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Jones and Ball: Tweetmates 4eva

Syracuse football 2010 will attempt to take another step toward righting the wrongs of the previous administration. The recruiting battles are starting to favor the Orange. National media is no longer dumping on SU as a laughingstock program. (Gasp) Marrone’s Marauders are even talking postseason.

However, what happens if this team once again falls into the 4-5 win category? What if November merely brings early season basketball attention, no meaningful football left on the docket? You always need a reason to stay tuned.

Enter Torrey Ball and Chandler Jones, junior defensive ends and non-stop laughs. The Fizz follows the Orange athletes on Twitter and passes along some of our favorite Tweets. Jones and Ball are constantly some of the most energetic and entertaining.

Recently, Ball has asked some of life’s deeper questions like “Why this girl in my class look jus like a oompa loompa? Totally #blown” and “Why these two dudes hugged up on the bus?” Torrey, I don’t know brother. I just don’t know.

But when the two are together, things can really take off. They’ve tweeted pics while shopping for suits and eating Chinese food. Ball captioned the pic of Jones throwing down some General Tso’s chicken “@ChanJones99 getting big.” Let’s just hope not too big. I’m wondering if food court fried rice is on the SU football dietary menu?

So sleep well knowing no matter what happens this season, Ball and Jones have your comedic content filled. Teammates and Tweetmates.

Posted: D.A.

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