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Will Delone Break Through Today?

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Syracuse’s Delone Carter is due in Syracuse City Court this afternoon for a scheduled pretrial hearing involving a snowball, a punch and a good ole’ “he said, he said” battle back in February.

Carter still is not technically a student at SU because of a suspension from the university after the incident in which he allegedly punched another student. Does this mean he’ll be back in school after today’s court appearance? Probably not. But this could be a significant step towards him making the progress he needs to re-enroll.

Last month SU assistant coach Bob Casullo spoke to ESPN Radio in Syracuse and shed some light on whether Carter could be back this season:

“Trust me, Coach Marrone and the administration have come up with a plan for Delone and in my heart I believe it’s going to work out for the best for him and for this football team. We’ll welcome him back with open arms. Once he serves his penance, I’m sure he’ll be back.”

Historically, and not just at SU, athletes usually have a way of things falling in their direction. If Carter ends up only serving a three or four game suspension, would you be all that surprised?

Carter’s lawyer said back in April that a deal had been worked out to allow his client to return to school, but a court hearing scheduled for early June was knocked off the docket and Carter hasn’t been back since.

That’s what makes today so significant. We’re just a month away from the September 4th opener at Akron and Antwon Bailey could be the featured running back. Nervoius yet?

I spent the summer before my freshman year of college working in my hometown’s city court. While it was incredibly mind numbing (I processed traffic tickets and filed criminal cases) I did learn at least one thing Рcourt proceedings are always pushed back.

“What’s that, counsel? Your client had to take his dog in for a perm today? Oh ok, we’ll reschedule for ten months from now.”

“Oh thank you your honor. FiFi desperately needed to look good for the third annual cockatiel prancing show this weekend and my clients mental state would not have been suitable for questioning without attending that show.”

So if Carter’s case doesn’t move forward today, don’t be surprised.

But if it does, the Orange will be at least one step closer to regaining their 1,000 yard rusher for what could be a breakout season for SU.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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