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FizzCast: Debating SU’s Success and History Lessons

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Whew, what a weekend. A program changing win over Colgate, a great showing by the Big East on national TV, and… not buying it, huh? I still feel like I‚Äôm on a blind date with this SU football team. I vented away on this week‚Äôs¬†FizzCast:

“Syracuse football is 3-1 a full month into the season, and I feel like I don’t know a damn thing about this team different than I did at the beginning of the season. So what? They won the three games over the bad teams we expected them to beat and they lost by a lot to the team from the Pac-10 that’s a lot better than them. What does that tell me?”

Can you argue any differently? Delone Carter wins Big East Offensive Player of the Week accolades for a performance against Colgate. Ryan Nassib threw a school-record five touchdown passes against Maine. Starting next week I’ll be training for the UFC by picking fights with fourth-graders. Big deal.

Big East play opens in two weeks for SU when the Orange travels down to Tampa to face USF. The Bulls are a young but talented team that specializes in “How the heck did they do that?” and “Why the heck did they do that?” plays.

Sounds puzzling, but so does the entire conference this year. Pitt was embarrassed nationally getting pounded by Miami. Cincinnati was downed by Oklahoma. The teams we thought were going to be good have been mediocre (albeit actually playing against D-1 teams).

D.A., sounding like this lady talking to President Obama last week, is tired of defending the Big East:

“Before every season you wanna believe in the Big East. Watching this weekend I can’t defend this league anymore. The good news is, Syracuse isn’t going to get blown out this year. I don’t think there’s going to be a three or four touchdown spread in any game this year. There’s no elite programs in this conference. There’s no King Kong in the Big East which is good for Syracuse, but is terrible for the conference.”

As the lone alum on the Fizz staff, D.A. also takes issue with the frequency of history thrown in front of us every week at football games. Saturday it was the 1984 football team honored. “I thought I was done with class….”

“Why did Syracuse decide to do this during the Colgate game? The 1984 team obviously way predates me as well, but you always see things about beating Nebraska at the Dome and how it was a program changer.

This has been Daryl Gross’ m.o. Рevery season, every week, every moment is a chance to retire something, do this, have a ceremony and it’s lost it’s effectiveness, its like white noise now. It’s just gotten so ridiculous and Gross has done this so often that it really loses its significance.”

Stay tuned for the celebration of the win over Colgate at the Dome this weekend.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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