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Is that Brice Hawkes Wearing a Vagina Shirt?

Yep, that’s freshman linebacker Brice Hawkes sporting an “I Enjoy Vagina” t-shirt while repping on campus.

Couple of questions pop to mind. First, looks like that’s gotta be at Hendricks Chapel. Good choice. The HC stairs are the site of legendary student protests, advocacy groups and most importantly, hot co-eds cramming for their Bio 131 class. They’re probably studying anatomy, so the shirt is a solid convo starter. Smart kid.

Second, where would one procure said “I Enjoy Vagina” shirt? My guess is Hot Topic or Spencer’s Gifts. I have yet to see this show up next to the Ghostbusters t-shirts at Target. Although, it’s hard imagining a college linebacker shopping amongst gaggles of tween indy rock girls looking for Adam Lambert posters.

Third, the graphic suggests it’s a parody of “Enjoy Coca-Cola” But does “vagina” and “Coca-Cola” rhyme outside of a flat “a” at the end? It’s a different number of syllables. It’s a stretch of a spoof, but maybe when you’re willing to wear the word vagina in 125-pt font on your chest, you’re not looking for cleverness.

Fourth, in light of then-Florida LB Brandon Spikes showing up on nude chat roulette while his chick “prepped the landing gear,” do we need to question the decision-making of student athletes in the public glare? There’s nothing illegal about getting an HJ on a video chat, just like there’s nothing wrong with picking your nose on Skype or wearing an “I Enjoy Vagina” tee to Brockaway Dining Hall. I mean, we all do Brice. But news alert: You rock that, take a pic and put it on Facebook and some sophomoric Syracuse blog is gonna run it. Like mine.

Just avoid wearing it to the next linebackers meeting with Marrone.

Posted: D.A.

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