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More Bad News on a Lost Football Weekend

Matt Gade/ Columbus Telegram

While Google News’ing Syracuse football this morning, I stumbled across some depressing news.

“The Wahoo High football team shut out Syracuse 36-0 Friday to improve to 2-0 on the season.”

WTF? What type of scheduling is this by Gross and Marrone? No wonder the Orange didn’t have its legs under it by the 2nd quarter. Syracuse played a game the night before!

Plus, that’s a pretty emotionally deflating loss. Shut out by a high school team?

Greg Milliken rushed for 65 yards on nine carries and scored two touchdowns to lead Wahoo. Lucan McAtee and Seth Stewart also scored on touchdown runs. Sean Lindgren led the Warriors on the ground with 88 yards on 11 carries.”

Well, you can only hope to slow down a back like Milliken. He’s a devastating goal line weapon, so allowing the two TDs is not all that surprising. The problem I have is giving up 88 yards to Lindgren. I mean, come on. He’s clearly the fourth option on the ground. First, you gameplan for Milliken. Then McAtee and Stewart. But if Lindgren is gashing you for almost 90, that’s an issue. A major one, Doug.

I can tell you this: All I heard from the SU defense this summer was how they were the strength of the team, they were so improved in ’09, the bowl was the goal, blah, blah, blah. The Wahoo ground game is one of the best in the nation. But this was a test for the Orange D and it wilted under the hot glare of the Fremont Tribune.

In fact, where the hell is Fremont? “Since 1868, the Fremont Tribune has delivered news and shopping information to the homes and businesses of eastern Nebraska.” FML. The Orange must have stopped in eastern Nebraska on its way out to Seattle and tried to get in a quick tune-up for the Washington game. Well, you don’t take Wahoo lightly. Especially not in their house.

Serves us right for trying to squeeze in another non-conference matchup and pad the bowl resume. One weekend, two losses, one to a high school team. Good grief.

Posted: D.A.

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