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Steven Baldwin Stars in “The March to Six Wins”

Is that one of the Baldwin brothers scowling outside of Dinosaur BBQ with a bunch of guys working off a hangover after the Orange drilled Maine?

Well, of course it is. Syracuse is where dreams become reality.

As detailed on Friday, this was my first CNY pilgrimage to the Dome for a football game in a decade. However, astute reader Jason pointed out my column was fundamentally flawed. I was not 0-8 since ’99 attending SU football games. I was actually, 1-8 – having traveled to South Bend for the upset win over Notre Dame in ’08, simply known as “The Groobers Thanksgiving Miracle.”

Nonetheless, the D.A. Road Trip record is now a robust 2-8 (we picked up TWO full games over the weekend) after the thrashing of the Black Bears.

It should be noted, the feeling inside the Carrier Dome was that I had dragged my dark football karma inside the building. Maine plowed towards two touchdown drives in the first half to take a 14-7 lead, making the supposedly sturdy Orange defense look shaky at best. The “strength of the team” allowed the Bears to resemble the Chicago or Cal variety, not Maine. I should take most of the blame there.

Despite the scary early returns, the Orange settled down and romped in the second half allaying the horrifying fear that The March to Six Wins would take a devastating hit on Saturday night.

On this third weekend of September, 2010 – here’s what we learned.

#1) ‘Cuse college living is still the dream: Team Fizz Conroy and Couzens inherited a Syracuse-themed Beirut table and full bar inside their three bedroom apartment on Sumner. FTW.

#2) The Carrier Dome coney is still snappy and spicy and retardedly delicious.

#3) Varsity wings haven’t lost a step since 1929 and nothing gets Orange Nation more fired up than an upside-down Akron flag.

#4) The TKE house may be the only fraternity in America with a pair of house ducks named after rap legends. “Snoop Duck” and “DUCKtor Dre” seemed very content in their brown box. Syracuse University, 40k per year. Mom and dad must feel like their really getting their money’s worth. Good dudes. Great ducks.

#5) Dropping Ernie Davis Hall on the front lawn of Dellplain is a brilliant architectural idea. How many new buildings can we shoehorn into a six-block radius? SU admin is soon going to green light a new dorm built within the Dome’s air ducts.

#6) The 24-hour McDonald’s on Erie Blvd. is the site of more Big Mac-on-Big Mac crime after 3 a.m. than any other Mickey D’s in the country.

#7) Orange bloggers always rep well.¬†Ran into Brian Harrison from the Orange44 blog at Faegan’s postgame. Great dude. Bought me a few pints. At least I think he did. It was Hour 13 of the Saturday bender. It may have been George Harrison for all know.

#8) At least two of the five Baldwin brothers are within a five-mile radius of downtown Syracuse at all times (it’s written into their parole agreements). Daniel and Steven (pictured) were at Dinosaur BBQ Sunday afternoon. When Kauf and Dr. BS asked Stevie for a picture, he politely responded, “Guys, I really have to go to the bathroom. Let’s do it after.”

And we did.  The March to Six Wins continues. Good dudes. Great ducks. Two Baldwins.

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