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SU in on Tough-Nosed QB from CNY

As we peruse the New York list of SU recruits, two things stands out for sure:

1) New York, not normally a hotbed, is having a down year in the talent department.

2) Central New York is a barren wasteland when it comes to D-1 recruits.

Aside from your typical CBA receiver (a tight end in this case, Greg Thomson headed to Tulane) there ain’t a whole lot going on in this area.

There is, however, one semblance of hope.

Fowler’s Kelvin Amparo has drawn looks from Syracuse, UConn, Purdue, and Rutgers. In his junior year, he had a devastating combination of rushing and passing yards for a Falcon team that had trouble finding it’s place in the Central New York order.

In case you were wondering where Donnie Webb went, the former SU beat writer has dedicated himself to the greater good. Webb’s still with the Post-Standard, doing a series of features on the inner-city team. (Side note: I went to a “city high school” and proudly talk about it, especially in my bio page. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to any parent who wants their child to learn how to interact with people. But Fowler is the real deal in the “inner-city” moniker. Most of these kids have it tough, and I respect the hell out of them.)

We’ve learned about the team’s struggles with a field that’s been flooded by a sewage bypass and their difficulties in getting cleats, and a rough childhood in Puerto Rico. So Amparo’s offensive line is probably the least of his worries.

“As Amparo hurried through, a truck pulled up. Within seconds, the 15-year-old found himself with a gun pointed at his head. Assailants demanded drugs and money. Amparo had neither. He said it was a case of mistaken identity. He begged them not to kill him. The assailants departed. Amparo was ‘scared for my life,’ though he told no one of the incident except his brothers.”

The kid is staying with a host family in ‘Cuse to avoid that life. It’s been a feel good set of features, and Webb should be applauded for the work he has done. However, it hasn’t helped much on the field. Fowler’s 0-2 with a couple blowouts on their resume. says the Orange may want him at receiver because of his sub-4.5 40-time, but it will be interesting to see what he ends up doing with his time. The team isn’t helping him. Aside from three touchdowns in the air from Amparo they have been held down in the offensive department.

If anyone’s going to overcome some adversity, it’s this kid. And isn’t a raw physical set with a don’t-quit attitude just what this Syracuse team needs?

Posted: Ted Conroy

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