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FizzCast: Just How Big Was the Win in Tampa?

Listen to the FizzCast from Tampa:

Frank Ordonez/Post-Standard

The biggest wimp in the world braved four separate plane rides to Tampa to call the game for WAER Sports.

I absolutely despise flying. Scared to death. And don’t give me that “cars are more dangerous” line. Being 37,000 feet in the air just isn’t my thing.

At Raymond James Stadium¬†the tailgaters were in full swing. The Bulls have the largest student ticket contingent in the Big East, although USF’s student government actually finances a student group to get trashed tailgating and be rowdy at the game.

Raymond James Stadium is quite the place. Any sporting event with a pirate ship kicks ass in my book. But Ray-Jay is just modeled after most large congregating areas in Florida; lots of patio space to drink.

News and notes from Syracuse’s victory:

A) Andrew Lewis got heated with a fan and told him he looked like Justin Bieber. Chandler Jones ended up calming him down.

B) Multiple NFC South Scouts were in attendance, and the word on the street is that they were looking at more than one Syracuse player.

C) You may have noticed that the entire team tweeting “all I do is win, win win” after the game. Yes, I know about the Top-40, and I have heard the song. In fact, everyone at the stadium heard the song. 400 times. After every first down, every score, before every kickoff, between halves, pregame, quarters, it was played. The Orange had a lot of fun with it after being the ones in the victory column.

Couzens argues in this week’s FizzCast that it’s not a trademark win. I think that’s total garbage. A win over a team you’ve never beat, on the road, in-conference is something to be noted. And if the Orange ends up in a fight for the conference against Pittsburgh, it’s not met with total shock. This game told SU fans this team can rise to any challenge.

After the game, the team was hyped. You’ve read the stories about the alleged “chant” in the locker room. I heard it. Couldn’t quite make it out the nuts and bolts of it, but basically a lot of f-bombs in unison.

I was at the Marrone presser. There was a tear. He wiped it away after saying that fans can believe in this team, and you can tell the guy is really proud of his team right now.

Three days. One win. An awesome city, and a team that we’re proud of. Sounds like a success to me.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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