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Mikhail Marinovich Enjoys Talking About SU’s Balls

Listen to Marinovich talk balls:

Mikhail Marinovich is clearly one of the most colorful members of the SU football family.

Doug Marrone’s type of guy doesn’t invest in hookah bars, openly talks about his strained family life nor proudly displays matching revolver tattoos. Yet, Marinovich has found a role on Marrone’s team. Why? Maybe because Mikhail can articulate better than most what’s different about this year’s squad.

“We go out there and we go balls out, balls to the wall. Doesn’t matter who we’re facing, we try to give it everything we got.”

That’s a little different mindset than when I asked former Orangeman Rob Burnett about the Groobers version.

“I was unable to watch because I believed this team quit.”

Marrone already has as many Big East victories (3) in ten league games than Groobers had in four seasons at the helm. The Orange, shockingly, is getting votes in the AP Poll. SU has pulled off two enormous victories on the road in the last three weeks.

Why? Well, because they go balls out, balls to the wall.

Posted: D.A.

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