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FizzCast: Are Signs Pointing to Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl?

Listen to Fresh FizzCast on SU’s Bowl Prospects and the Timberwolves-Marshall Street Story:

It‚Äôs time to take the SU’s¬†bowl chances seriously.¬†Not just because the Orange is actually ranked 24th by USA Today or just spots out of the AP’s Top 25. Instead,¬†because of the way the defense is playing and the offense is producing. At the cusp of the AP’s Top 25, Nevada is receiving 91 points, and the first two teams receiving votes are Hawaii (50) and Syracuse (22). Looks like SU is still 69 points away from breaking into that poll.

As for a bowl, it’s happening folks. Unless the Orange loses all four remaining games, this team will be playing in the postseason. How ironic would a Champs Sports Bowl invitation be? 2004, anyone? However, in terms of a closer location for fans to travel, a more fiscally responsible road trip for the program and another footprint in New York City, the Bronx would fit even better. This week’s FizzCast:

“One of the big things discussed in the offseason was how Syracuse would be perfect for the Pinstripe Bowl and perfect for Yankee Stadium. 2-2 gets you eight wins, and nine wins Рyou could legitimately be looking at the Pinstripe Bowl. And from a financial scenario, wouldn’t that be perfect?”

Saturday, there was a pretty decent Orange contingent in Cincinnati. One could only imagine how many SU fans would turn out for a game in the Bronx. A possible Doug Marrone homecoming.

As for the actual on the field stuff, I have some gripes:

“One thing that still concerns me is Ryan Nassib. He still doesn’t throw the deep ball very well. If you were able to cut up his passing plays from the game film, there were maybe two or three plays where he was asked to throw the ball downfield, and he overthrew them. They’re winning these games because of what the defense is doing and because of what Carter and Bailey are doing, not because of what Ryan Nassib is doing.”

Yes, Nassib’s just a quarterback in his first season as starter. However, throwing a deep ball is nothing new. That‚Äôs something you work on in practice and begin to develop in high school. Mental mistakes like throwing to a covered receiver or mistaking a route are products of inexperience. Overthrowing a receiver in the end zone is not.

D.A. stopped by to recap the week‚Äôs hottest post. The Timberwolves turning Chuck’s and Marshall Street into the Vegas strip.

“To have NBA players getting hammered, making out with chicks, and to have an NBA head coach behind the bar, I was really thrilled about this whole thing. Could Kurt Rambis really have been behind the bar. Could the head coach of an NBA franchise, with his players there, really have been behind the bar mixing drinks?”

Oh, Syracuse. What a week it was. Let’s get them ‘Cards.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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