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FizzCast: How did Louisville Expose SU’s Defense?

Listen to a Fresh FizzCast after the loss to Louisville:

Doug Marrone had expressed concern with matchups coming into the Louisville game. He made the point clear early in the week he didn‚Äôt like the way the Cardinals scheme compared to SU’s. By Friday we had found out both the starting running back and quarterback for UofL would be out for the game, and laughed off any concerns Marrone had showed earlier in the week. How wrong we were.

“Now we’ve seen for two weeks of hype at home, complete failures at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse has still not beat an FBS team in the Carrier Dome coming off of big road wins. A good team goes out and wins on the road, a great team goes out, wins on the road and then comes back and doesn’t let the hype get to them.”

Another disturbing storyline from Saturday was the Orange defense. Throughout the season it’s been the strength of the team, but on Saturday the defense collapsed and problems abounded.

“The bottom line is the defense really wasn’t up to par from where it’s been all year long. The three games that Syracuse has lost this year, they have given up 45, 41, and 28 points. It doesn’t matter how many balls Alec Lemon drops or who starts at right tackle for the Orange, SU isn’t going to put up more than 25 points against most FBS opponents.”

The Orange has to tuck the loss away in the recesses of its mind and worry about what’s next: crazy Greg Schiano and Rutgers. D.A. thinks it would be perfect if Syracuse got magic win #7 in front of the Rutgers crowd and their certifiable head coach:

“I think what it says is he smells the freight train known as the Syracuse Orange football team coming, and he’s basically going insane because of it. Going to Rutgers it would just be perfect, total poetic justice, if they clinch bowl eligibility not only on the road, but also in front of crazy bat-bleep Schiano but do it in front of their state to state rival who they’re battling with on a recruiting front.”

And as usual, things at The Fizz spiral downward quickly. D.A. wondered about a world where the Marshall Street bars stayed open an hour later for Daylight Savings Time.

“I can’t understand why bars wouldn’t do this. Isn’t that the legal loophole that you can stay open an extra hour? I don’t get it. If we ran an Orange Fizz bar, I can tell you this Рwe would serve underage kids and we would stay open an extra hour on Daylight Savings Time.”

Ted: “And Kevin Love and Kurt Rambis drink for free.”

D.A.: “And DC mixing shots, baby”

You’re all obviously invited as well.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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