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FizzCast: TCU to Big East is a Necessary Evil

Now that TCU is officially a member of the Big East, The FizzCast tackles the ramifications. The geographical problems everyone seems to think is a huge problems?

Listen to a fresh FizzCast on TCU’s addition to the Big East:

“For TCU, their travel does not increase that much, but like DA tweeted, those trips for women’s soccer from Philadelphia to Dallas are gonna be a bitch.”

Speaking of D.A., he stopped by to opine on the TCU move. His thoughts? Pathetic that Big East football’s savior has to come from a Ft. Worth, TX private school, but a necessary evil.

“It’s sad that it has to come from the Mountain West, it’s sad that the Big East football program has to be propped up by a team called the Horned Frogs. But that’s the deal. This year, the Big East isn’t gonna have a ranked team by the end of the season. This conference has schools in Chicago and Milwaukee, we stopped being the Big East in a little quadrant of Northeast private schools a long time ago. It’s a necessary evil.”

So you can call it the Big Middle East, for now. Moving on to Atlantic City, I mentioned Brian Oliver’s potential to explode was seen in full form during the Legends Classic. After Kannell criticized The Per’fesser on the early season struggles, he gave the Orange a mulligan following the Georgia Tech wingman’s career performance.

“Yes, they need to play better defense. But just from watching the game, not just the stat sheet, I think a lot of thos shots are just a good player making fantastic shots.”

Full-bodied FizzCast this week. Thoughts on TCU, hoops early struggles, and Orange bowl talk, Team Fizz has it covered.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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