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Can SU Keep the Country’s Two Biggest Hoops Recruits in CNY?

If it hasn’t already been drilled into your heads, we’ll reinforce the point to you right here. DaJuan Coleman and Breanna Stewart are the two players in the country (men and women) for 2012, and they both reside in Central New York.

Meaning there are plenty of trespassers on the Central New York lawn these days.

Consider these two the Gran Torinos all the neighborhood kids are after.

“Your wife’s already gone through all of your mother’s jewelry.”

That must be how Quentin Hillsman and other women’s coaches must feel on the recruiting trail. UConn and Tennessee take EVERYTHING they want in women’s hoops.

Stewart is the consensus best female recruit in the country.¬†The Vols’ Pat Summit was in Central New York last week. Summit’s best friend Geno Auriemma will make it up to the snow belt as well.

‘Cuse is still on the radar, and she has “narrowed her list down” to 10 schools. For the record, I only applied to four colleges, and got recruited to swim at another. So ten is mind boggling. I hope she uses the Common App.

Coach Q has done a good job turning the Orange into a strong, competitive squad. How ground-shaking would this get be? In one fell swoop Hillsman could shun Auriemma, who has always been a historic a**hole towards the Orange, and beat out the legendendary Summit.

“Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have ****ed with? That’s me.”

Or Rob Murphy and Mike Hopkins. Their record over the last couple years with luring big men has been impeccable.

How about Coleman? The Fizz has been all over this story forever. He has been sighted courtside for ‘Cuse game this season. At 6’8″, 280 pounds, and with ballerina footwork, this guy is the top big man prospect.

He’s no secret. Roy Williams was in attendance at an open workout in October, while Ohio State, Louisville, UConn, and Kentucky are all on the hunt. Even Jim Boeheim went to watch him in person! (Which says something since he lets the Murphkins Twins do most of the work.)

Let’s be completely honest. Grabbing Coleman could shift dominance from UConn to Syracuse in luring the best frontcourt talent in the country. It would be a string of Fab Melo, Rakeem Christmas, and then Coleman, all while keeping the stamp on Syracuse.

“Get Off My Lawn.”

The recruiting battle for these two stars has more than individual talent implications on the line. It’s about a turf battle.

When Greg Schiano started winning New York kids away from the Orange (Ray Rice) the tide turned between the two schools. Football is a far different monster, but it would be tough to lose two number one hoops recruits in the same decade (Greg Paulus).

For women’s hoops, isn’t this the shot in the arm that makes them relevant nationally? A headliner for a program that has idled its way through a long stretch of mediocrity?

It’s time to put the fence around CNY. This is supposed to be New York’s College Team. Here’s hoping the two basketball coaching staffs can establish that.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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