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Greg Robinson’s Defense Fails Again, Michigan Must Fire Him

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The shockingly charmed life of Greg Robinson has poisoned yet another fan base. Mississippi State’s 52-14 thrashing of Michigan in the Gator Bowl was the Wolverines worst postseason loss ever. Unfortunately, lost in the din of Rich Rodriguez’s future is but¬†another Groobers’ meltdown. Robinson should be skewered as badly as anybody, fed to the public lynch mob for yet another season of mind-numbing incompetence. But today is all about whether Jim Harbaugh wants the UM job, RichRod’s failed attempt at restoring glory and whether Denard Robinson will return.

Groobers will once again skate blissfully by another smoking train wreck he engineered, while mumbling something about Little Engines That Could.

All signs point to RichRod getting the axe and not even the most blindly optimistic and sympathetic new head coach would keep Groobers around. So Robinson will be canned once again for remarkably hideous results as the defensive mind behind a another woefully inefficient defense.

But the true measure of venom, the voices that should ask, “How does Greg Robinson continue to remain employed” are distracted by the burning of Rodriguez. Let’s remind everyone of Groobers’ recent resume, just for record-keeping purposes.

D.C. of Denver Broncos: Fired. (Even coordinating defense of repeat Super Bowl champs not enough to cover stink of his unit)

D.C. of Kansas City Chiefs: Fired. (Defense was glaring weakness of a team that did not force a punt in playoff loss to Colts)

co-D.C. of Texas Longhorns (1 season): Left (Didn’t have enough time nor influence to mess this up)

H.C. of Syracuse Orange: Fired. (Worst four-year stretch in program’s 100-year history)

D.C. of Michigan Wolverines: Will be fired. (Historically inept defense, most points given up in bowl game)

How does something like this happen? In the hyper-competitive culture of coaching, there are clearly better candidates. Under the intense glare of modern athletics, the depths of Groobers’ ineptitude are obvious.

You begin hearing the same shlock that accompanies Robinson wherever he goes. The defense is young! Give it time! The scheme is not the right for him! Sound familiar Orange Nation?

This is beyond leftover anger from a scarred Syracuse fan.This is bewilderment and shock. How do others not see what we have already seen? How do other coaches and athletic directors not know what is already known? It’s blatant criminality that Gregory Robinson would not only continue to hold high-profile jobs, but arguably never fall a rung in the food chain.

To hammer home this point:

  • The Wolverines allowed 485 yards Saturday. It was, incredibly, the ninth time this season the unit allowed 400 or more yards.
  • Mississippi State converted all five of its fourth-down attempts and eight of 11 third-down attempts in the first half.
  • TCU allowed a total of two 10+ play TD drives this season. Michigan allowed three in the first half yesterday.
  • The UM defense entered the game ranked around 100 in each of the NCAA‚Äôs three major defensive categories. Mississippi State exceeded Michigan‚Äôs average for points, rushing yards and passing yards allowed.
  • Michigan’s defense has gotten worse as each season unfolded.

Even the embattled RichRod sounded yesterday as though he’s seen more than he needs of Groobers’ defensive acumen. ‚ÄúAs a head coach, you’ve got to be understanding of all the phases and had we been a little bit better certainly at times defensively, there’s no question we would have won more games.¬†I mean, I’m stating the obvious there.‚Äù

Yet after another historic flameout, let us please ask the question: How does Robinson continue to steal money from franchises and programs? It’s not just that Robinson has failed, instead that he has failed so completely. Each stop on his charmed journey, Robinson’s defense was the weakness. At every locale, Robinson’s unit was not just bad, it was historically bad.

Inevitably, Michigan will fire Groobers and he’ll be rehired as defensive coach somewhere else. He will again happily walk by the smoldering crash site, another gravy train demolished.

Posted: D.A.

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