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I-Team: Dear Ishaq, Hurry Up And Decide. We’re Waiting

Team Fizz asks what exactly is swirling around in Williams’ head right now?

While the entire last week here at The Fizz was dedicated to the college commitment of Ishaq Williams, the end result was Team Fizz being forced to endure NBC’s “rotating band of merrymen” interviewing student-athletes awkwardly during their commitments.

If it’s any consolation, I was also ironing clothes and folding laundry. Welcome to Real Housewives: Couzens Edition: Man vs. Tide.

The question that runs through my mind on Ishaq’s decision to delay is, ‚ÄúWhat difference will a few days make?‚Äù

As a preemptive strike to the haters, I know that is a big decision for a high school kid. There’s a lot of hype being generated over it, the announcement was almost made on national television, and it’s a decision that he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life.  Here’s what you had to say in our comments section (sic’d):

DRBII: “Have none of you had a big decision to make where all of the choices seem right? Obviously he is not sure about any one school as THE CHOICE.”

Buck Nasty: “This decision is going to have an impact on the rest of his life, I for one will not fault an 18 yearold kid for wanting to take a little more time in order to make the biggest decision of his life. he had planned on making his decision today, he didnt maybe he wasnt expecting it to be as hard of a decision as it is. what happens if he makes the decision without knowing for sure, he regrets then he has to transfer”

I have, in fact, had to make difficult decisions where both choices seem right. On Saturday for lunch, both grilled cheese and a quesadilla sounded good. (I had a quesagrilla Рyou should try it some time.) And then on Sunday at the movies, True Grit looked great, but I heard fantastic reviews of Black Swan. Life is hard, man.

But for Ishaq Williams, what could a few days would mean? He’s already visited both schools, knows their histories, and has gotten to know the coaching staffs. So, what really was there left to think about? Would an extra few days really change anything?

When I have to make tough decisions, I like to write the pros and cons down, and then cut to the chase and make a choice. You’ve got to live with the consequences, and you’ll never know if you made the right choice until well after. Luckily when I had to choose Syracuse for college it was easy Рbecause I didn’t get in anywhere else.

I also didn’t apply anywhere else. (Note to the younger Fizz readers: Don’t try that at home!) Now that I’ve graduated, I know it was the right move. However that’s also four years after the fact.

So whether he took the weekend to talk to his parents, discuss what kind of defense he’d like to play in, or just locked himself in his room after the Army game and slept РI wonder what changed. Every school still wants him just as much as they did last week, and that means the only variable is what’s going on in his head.

Do I want lots of snow in a heavily populated area? Ok, Syracuse it is.

Do I want some snow in the middle of nowhere? Ok, Penn State it is.

Do I want some snow, but Jesus to signal our touchdowns? Ok, Notre Dame it is.

Nothing’s changing except for Ishaq’s mind at this point.

Someone told us last that we shouldn’t hold our breath over his decision Рbut we still are. Is that a bad thing?

//passes out

Posted: Mike Couzens

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