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After Another Suspension, Time for Syracuse LB Brice Hawkes to Grow Up

Brice Hawkes needs to wake up. With the news the promising linebacker has been suspended for the first three practices of 2011, his second suspension in four months, it’s clear this kid has some growing up to do.

“No, not last year… from a recent situation,” confirmed Doug Marrone at a press conference yesterday, saying this was unrelated to the Pinstripe Bowl lockout in December. Hawkes screwed up. Again.

Once, you get a pass. Twice, eyebrows get raised. When your public Twitter profile highlights your ¬†“I Enjoy Vagina” t-shirt, it’s clear that you haven’t left middle school.

Forget the profile picture for a second. How about we consider Hawkes’ profile info: “jays on my feet mags on my meat.” (Which for those who don’t speak Brice, is a euphemism for wearing Jordan’s and using Magnums.)

Some other samplings of Hawke’s Twitter insight:

“n**** said im a pimp i had three bithces washin my car…in the rain”

“Watching 6’7 right now in class teacher live as f*** lol”

“Teacher just said it was nice and thick and hard lmao”

“Never go raw stay strapped like Rambo”

“tell me how im w my gf n her and her homegirls sittin up here talkin bout dildos n vibrators smh (these hoes some freaks)”

Students are noticing. People are noticing. This is an immature person who has to grow up fast.

Hawkes has talent, nobody can deny that. He’s a hard hitter and will grow into his 6-foot frame. And nobody can deny that the ‘Cuse will need him this season, with Marquis Spruill as the only returning linebacker.

He is first on the pre-spring depth chart, and is on the fast track to be a productive player for the Orange. Which is exactly why Hawkes needs to wake up right now. He needs to privatize his Twitter. Stop making decisions that will get him suspended or worse, kicked off the team.

This is not a Malcolm Cater situation. As far as we know, this player hasn’t stolen any laptops. But the consequences are no different.¬†Hawkes is dangling $200,000 worth of free education and an untold career as a football player over a cliff.

The fact that the rising sophomore is being held onto by a well-known rule stickler in Marrone is evidence of his utility and necessity this season. However, the head honcho can’t continue to just suspend Hawkes for a few practices or handful of games.

If he doesn’t get his act together after two suspensions, it’s clear that he isn’t learning. And we all know that Marrone’s finger has to be on the trigger after whatever Hawkes’ latest transgression is. Hawkes is important to the team, but not more important than the team.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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