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SU Needs to Take Advantage of Syracuse Day at Yankee Stadium

The SU Athletic Department announces June 26th will be Syracuse University Day at Yankee Stadium, and whether you love or hate the Bronx Bombers, this is a good deal for the Orange. The Yanks take on the Rockies, and the annual Old Timer’s Day is earlier in the afternoon.

Syracuse’s Alumni Association President-Elect Brian Spector ‚Äô78, was the catalyst behind the project.

‚ÄúI thought that it would be great to return to Yankee Stadium, the scene of our Inaugural Pinstripe Bowl victory over Kansas State, in better weather, to enjoy a Yankee game. I also thought it would be a great marriage of sports traditions that could be celebrated by SU alums in the NY metropolitan area and beyond.”

First, you have to love even in the official press release SU is complaining about the Pinstripe Bowl weather. “Yeah, we know it was miserable. You probably froze your ass off to watch a pair of six-win teams duke it out on a field of mud in a half-empty stadium. But don’t worry, it’s gonna be warm this time!”

But more importantly, the New York City presence has to continue being a priority. There’s a lot of cash in the Manhattan social elite alumni. Keep squeezing that Orange (and try to avoid sending me too many fund-raising brochures. It’s a waste of paper). Bring Eddie and Nora, class of ’67, who met drinking milkshakes at the Varsity to Yankee Stadium, sunny day, to watch Dave Righetti serve up a homer to Roberto Kelly and then ask for some cash to build the new football facilities.

Beyond a goodwill gesture for alumni in the tri-state region alumni, the Yankees need to be on board. The brand of the pinstripes is powerful. Tie whatever you can into the Yanks. Limited edition hats are not enough. They get thrown into a garbage bag to the Salvation Army in six months. Get on the Jumbotron. Jump on YES. Sell SU merchandise at 25% off inside the stadium to Yankee season ticket holders. There NEEDS to be an Otto with the interlocking “NY” on it’s stomach. Autographed glossy photos of the Pinstripe Bowl win. Doug Marrone working the suites. Make sure the block “S” litters the Bronx.

The Yankees scream New York. The university wants to be New York’s College Team. Make it work. This is a good step in the ever-developing need to leave a footprint in NYC. Now squeeze the Apple worth of Orange juice.

Posted: D.A.

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