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Fresh FizzCast: Syracuse Season Preview Roundtable & Predictions

The Fizz gets you set for Thursday night’s Syracuse football opener with Ben Doster of Deacons Illustrated, who joins us for this week’s Fizz Fresh Take.

Doster breaks down why Wake Forest struggled last season, and what he expects out of the team in 2011.

“I think one thing that has to do with [their struggles] is all the injuries they had. And another thing is that they had such a small defensive front. A combination of that is going to take a toll on you. But they return a good nucleus of players and I think people are going to see an improved Wake team [this year]. Not a great Wake team, but an improved one.”

The Demon Deacons, who went 3-9 in 2010, are wary of SU’s potent offense, accoridng to Doster.

“Everyone’s just concerned about Syracuse being physical offensively. Coach Grobe says Syracuse might be the most physical team that they play offensively this season. Wake Forest is definitely taking Syracuse very seriously and knows that it’s going to be a big challenge.”

The Fizz’s season preview also includes five writers convened at Fizzquarters for a huge roundtable discussion regarding. The most controversial topic was the anticipated poor attendance at the season opener. Should more ‚ÄòCuse fans step up to the plate and make an appearance at the Carrier Dome, or are they rightfully cautious after years of experiencing one pitiful team after another?

The Fizz round table also discussed:

The game you’ve waited all year for is finally here. Remember to follow The Fizz on Twitter for live updates on Syracuse football.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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