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WVU’s Oliver Luck Proves Why Syracuse Can’t Wait to Leave the Big MAC

You know what, I was at one time sympathetic to the Big East’s cause. As I wrote the day Syracuse defected to the ACC, the loss of who we were for decades is an impossible dynamic to truly embrace. Because for us, the fans, we don’t really care about the financial realities or the bigger purses. We don’t see a dime of that. We want a good football and basketball product in the fall and winter months. That’s it. We’re easy to placate.

And delivering us games in Tampa, and Cincinnati, Raleigh and Winston-Salem doesn’t feel big time to us. Sorry, it just doesn’t. We rationalize, “Well, adding TCU will help add a big television market” and “that ACC broadcast deal is much stronger.” But ultimately, just give us our football and basketball games and get the hell out of the way. And going to Morgantown on Saturdays in the fall, D.C. and Philly on frigid winter nights is what we know, and we like, and we want.

But now I’m quickly adjusting to the new life, where Orange Nation gets to move into the nicer, bigger condo in the high-rent district – even if this isn’t the crowd we grew up with. Because the beer-drinking, Dome Dog-eating neighbors that we used to live next to are looking mighty pathetic right now.

I’m staring at you Oliver Luck. The West Virginia A.D. cemented his place in the “bitter breakup crowd” Saturday when he spoke to the Big East Network.

“Let’s be honest, the reason TCU wants to be in this league so badly is that they think it’s an easier path to the national championship than it is going through Norman, Okla., or Austin, Texas or Stillwater, Okla., and playing some of their regional schools out there. So we’ve got some quality schools that are very interested in getting involved, including both Air Force and Navy. It’s no secret there. I think both of those institutions are academically excellent, very important nationally and also, I think we all can agree, they play some pretty good football.

“In fact, I would trade Air Force or Navy for Syracuse every day of the week in terms of the quality of the football program. No disrespect, but that’s just an observation I think most would agree with who understand football.”

First, trying to sell your conference as the “easier path” to the BCS, is like hawking a cheaper car because it’s made from scrap parts. Yeah, that’s the whole point, you dolt. The Big East is a pool of football mediocrity, where the team that turns the ball over only four times wins. Who wants to keep treading water in that swim class? Does SU have a better chance at beating Louisville than Florida State? Yes. But by moving up the food chain, you should also be able to demand more of your program. None of us were satisfied residing in the “annoying youngest brother division” of the BCS simply because it was easier. Yeah it was fun hearing from the rest of the country,¬†“Can’t wait for the BCS games! Oh wait, who do we have to watch get pummeled in the Orange Bowl?”

Secondly, you’d like Air Force over Syracuse? Okay, big guy. Well, guess what? You got it. In fact, IF Army, Navy and Air Force choose to join (the fact that it’s even an if is hysterical), why not play a service academy round-robin? Have a little trophy with a bronzed tank, boat and plane on it. What an incredible draw for the league – non-scholarship athletes twice as small as the guys they’re lining up against, just flat gettin’ after it! Look, we all appreciate the dual responsibilities and higher cause the men at the academies take on. But there’s a reason these programs are floating around the MAC and Mountain West’s of the world.

Luck is the guy who gets broken up with, gets stuck with an uglier chick who’s 25 pounds heavier and starts telling us all about her great personality. In fact, that sounds like most of the woman in the Morgantown Wal-Mart, now that I think of it.

Finally, did you see what the Big East’s most recent proposition is? Adding SMU, UCF, Navy, and Temple, and hoping Villanova votes yes on FBS football. I mean, if that’s not stamping “miserably pathetic” on John Marinatto’s forehead, I don’t know what does. Essentially, the Big East becomes C-USA. But worse. Have fun in the “Big MAC,” losers. We’ll send you a postcard from the ACC title game.

Look, this whole situation is rotten. Chase the money, cover your own ass, jump off the sinking ships everywhere. But the more you look back at what Syracuse is leaving. the quicker I want out.

Posted: D.A.

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